8 Steps to Minimize Lip Lines

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Wrinkles are natural, attractive, and accurate. Social media may suggest otherwise, but Photoshop doesn’t work in person. The first thing that comes up when you Google “Minimize Lip Lines” is a definition: “Lip wrinkles, or smoker’s lines, are vertical lines that form on the lips of older adults due to smoking.” 

Lip wrinkles can affect anybody, whether or not they smoke. We move our mouths to speak, smile, breathe, eat, and throughout the day. Natural wrinkles also emerge with time and movement. Based on your feedback, we asked several specialists about the best methods and products for removing lip lines if you want. 

Keep your lips moist.

According to dermatologist Jayne Bird, MD, the basics do indeed work when it comes to treating the lips. “Keep those lips moisturized!” exclaims Dr. Bird. Dr. Bird advised that Aquaphor or any other lip-nourishing product that helps seal in moisture and relieves dryness.

Use retinol with lip specificity.

“Yes, our star ingredient is also beneficial for this little region as it stimulates collagen synthesis and maintains it.” Esthetician Nicole Caroline adds, “Begin applying your prescription retinoids a few centimeters (inches) away from the mouth. “While you should not use it on your eyes. You need to be cautious about irritation since the product is designed for the lip region. Results will not appear overnight, but continual usage will assist in preventing [lip wrinkles].”

Lip retinoids not only treat lip lines but also keep the lips smooth and plump, as well as minimize the appearance of minor dark spots. The Verso lip serum, in particular, is meant to enhance the rejuvenation process by increasing skin’s natural collagen production.

Lips are susceptible to sun damage, so use these lip-protective methods.

SPF is essential; according to dermatologist Azadeh Shirazi, MD, SPF is crucial. “The sun’s UV rays break down our collagen. So the most important thing to protect your lips from the sun is to apply sunscreen,” says Dr. Shirazi.

Lips are one of the most neglected areas of the body, and apart from the obvious risks of sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles on the lips are more likely to appear than other parts of the face without SPF.

Try a Lip Plumping Serum.

Dr. Shirazi also offered us an insider secret that feels like a win-win, and it’s one that we wholeheartedly endorse. “Plumping the lips helps minimize wrinkles for a plumper, more rejuvenated pout,” she adds.

Yes, we’re talking about it correctly. You can rock your favorite lip plumped (with SPF) while still protecting your lips and getting the perfect pout. Hyaluronic acid-based plumpers may also assist with moisture and volume recovery.

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, revealing brighter and smoother skin.

According to celebrity esthetician Candace Marino, you are exfoliating regularly is one of the keys to keeping your lips young.

“Is Clinical makes my favorite lip system, the Youth Lip Duo, which includes an exfoliating polish and a lip serum that is high in anti-aging ingredients to keep my lips firm and hydrated while also preventing deep lines that form around the mouth area,” Marino explains. 

Use Your Fingers

Dr. Marino also revealed her top lip-line treatment, and as a result of it, you’ll be able to kiss your loved ones for the rest of your life.

“Massaging the lips daily is one of the simplest ways to keep them fuller and younger,” Marino adds. “Circulation will be enhanced by pinching, rolling between the index and thumbs, or tapping the lips, which will improve both color and volume.” “I suggest that you use it daily; its simple to do while performing your oral care regimen.”

Use a wrinkle-fighting lotion.

What better way to fight wrinkles than with a Wrinkle-Fighting Cream? Natalie Aguilar a celebrity aesthetician endorses Biologique Recherche’s Biofixine Eye and Lip Cream.

“This is a potent lip and eye cream that contains cell-communicating peptides and antioxidants like squalene, which allow it to function as a great wrinkle fighter,” according to Aguilar. “I adore that this product can effectively fill in wrinkles and fine lines that have already formed around the mouth and eye region.

Is there a product that addresses two distinct concerns? Yes, please. “Avoid using straws and pursing your lips,” she adds. “Muscle movement is mostly to blame for lines and wrinkles.”

“Lip liners are a very prevalent problem,” Shawna Jones, an aesthetic nurse practitioner with SkinSpirit, explains. “This product may help improve fine lines and wrinkles on the skin surrounding the lips by using it twice daily [morning and evening] on your face. “This product has a technology that aids in the breakdown of old collagen and elastin and the formation of new, healthy collagen and elastin. The substance also includes antioxidants that combat environmental damage to the skin.”

Dr. Jones also advises people to cut back on straws and utilize SPF lip products to avoid any future wrinkles while treating existing creases.

Wrinkles are a natural consequence of aging. Therefore, it makes sense to look for an anti-aging product in an effort to prevent them.

“The look of lip fullness can be enhanced with Laneige’s Lip Treatment Balm, which deeply moisturizes and visibly smooths lip wrinkles to make lips appear fuller,” Amor pacific US scientific communications manager Michelle Shieh. “The main components of our lip treatment solution are peptide and adenosine, which are both well-known for their anti-aging qualities and are typically utilized in high-end skincare for the face.”

  • Fillers for the lips

Finally, Bird offers the following wrinkle-relaxing treatment: Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, or a filler like Juvederm Vobella. If you’re comfortable with any injectable, consider Belotero, Restylane Silk, and other similar products. “Botulinum toxin applied to the upper lip can help relax the muscle surrounding the lips and encourage lip-line relaxation,” says Bird.