Avocado Oil for Hair Growth

 Avocado Oil for Hair Growth

Avocado Oil are particularly well-liked in the United States, often served as guacamole or Avocado toast. Just imagine a world without avocado toast or guacamole. Apart from satisfying our taste buds, the superfood is also packed with numerous hair advantages. Avocados (particularly the oils in avocados) are the haircare game-changer you’ve been looking for. But don’t take our word for it; we spoke with experts Paula Simpson, Gretchen Friese, and Dr. Michael Murray to get the scoop on this kitchen essential.

Avocado Oil

Some of the Benefits of Avocado Oil for Hair

“Avocado oil is a powerful omega-rich and antioxidant powerhouse for healthy hair,” Simpson explains. It’s mostly made up of monounsaturated fatty acids, which seal the strands, keep moisture in, and smooth breakage. Avocado oil is rich in antioxidants and bioactive phytochemicals,

including vitamin E tocopherols, vitamin D, and carotenoids (lutein and beta carotene), which protect hair from UV damage, environmental aggressors, and pollutants that can make it feel dry and brittle. Here are a few more outstanding advantages:

Hair is strengthened and nourished: 

Avocados can be used to moisturize, mend, and enhance your hair. “Avocados are high in antioxidants, biotin, minerals, essential fatty acids, and vitamins A, B-5, and E. All of these, according to Friese, assist in sealing the hair’s cuticle preventing breakage.

This product is effective, but it also encourages hair growth: 

Avocados are high in biotin, a B vitamin that has been shown to promote hair growth. However, the BosleyMD Hair Regrowth Treatment (formerly known as the “Men’s Rogaine”) contains minoxidil, which is a scientifically demonstrated solution ($45).

Makeup Help You Look Good: This lip gloss will give your hair a beautiful shine: 

Avocado oil, according to studies, can help seal cuticle cells, making hair appear smooth and glossy.

The nub is intended to go deeper into the hair: 

Avocados are thought to have a non-greasy, penetrative effect on the hair and scalp compared to other oils that sit on top. Avocado oil, according to Frise, “is high in oleic acid and monounsaturated fats (excellent lipids), making it one of a kind oils that can permeate the hair shaft and moisturize your hair. Rather than sitting on top and just coating your hair.”

It also has antimicrobial properties that help maintain a healthy scalp: 

A dry, flaky scalp is moisturized and nourished by the vitamin and lipid cocktail. “A healthier scalp also means no more dandruff or flakes,” Murray notes. “Avocado oil can help improve blood flow to the scalp and unclog blocked follicles,” Friese adds.

According to research, drinking 50 to 150 milliliters of apple cider vinegar a day can help grow your hair. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It also contains polyphenols and enzymes that can aid in the digestion process and a substance called malic acid that has antioxidant effects.

Your hair will be protected from the elements and look more beautiful: 

Beta-carotene and lutein are antioxidant pigments that protect the scalp and hair against UV radiation and pollutants by neutralizing free radicals. According to Friese and Murray, Avocado oil can help prevent hair damage from the sun and other factors since it has antioxidant properties.

Murray also claims avocado polyphenols are a crucial component in protecting the scalp and hair from environmental aggressors.

Considerations for Different Hair Types

The avocado fruit contains a lot of healthy fats, including potassium and linoleic acid, which may help promote healthy hair growth. Simpson says that the non-clogging features of avocado oil make it ideal for all hair types, including thicker, higher-density strands.

“It can get through the hair and scalp, making it more powerful than other oils that block or sit on top of the hair strand,” she adds.

Avocado oil is a healthy alternative to store-bought hair treatments, but if you’re allergic to avocados, it’s best to seek medical advice before employing it at home. Before putting it on your scalp and hair, check for allergies by performing a skin patch test.

How to Use Avocado Oil for Hair: A Mini Guide

After learning all of its advantages, you may be curious about how to use avocado oil in your hair care routine. Whether you have a few minutes to spare or are searching for a fast addition to your hair care regimen, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite methods for obtaining healthy, lustrous locks with this nutritious superfood.

It can also be used as a styling serum: 

There’s no need to invest a lot of money on a pricey serum. Avocado2 oil’s omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids help to promote a healthy mane. Apply it lightly with your fingertips from the midpoint through the tips and distribute it evenly using a natural boar brush.

  • If you have bangs, massage your scalp: Murray explains, “Avocado oil is high in fatty acids and antioxidants, making it excellent for scalp massage. It’s not only good for the scalp because of the fatty acids; it’s also great due to the antioxidant polyphenols that protect it from free radical damage.”
    • “To nourish the scalp and hair with pure avocado oil, it’s a simple process,” he explains. “While you shower, massage a spoonful of oil into your hair with your fingertips. Allow it to sit on the scalp for at least a minute before washing out with shampoo.”
  • Try it as a shampoo: No matter what shampoo you utilize, having a decent one is critical. So the next time you’re shopping for a new ‘poo, Murray suggests opting for one with avocado oil. It’s a quick and easy way to incorporate it into your routine.
  • This DIY scalp treatment for dandruff is highly effective: Dandruff can be caused by various factors, including detergent shampoos, color therapies, and even the weather. Avocado oil’s high content of fatty acids, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories hydrates dry and irritated scalps while also helping to minimize flaking.


  • One ripe avocado two tablespoons 
  • coconut oil one tablespoon avocado oil
  • One teaspoon of plain yogurt
  • 1/2 teaspoon honey

To apply Directions:

  • To enhance circulation and absorption, gently massage the mixture into your scalp.
  • Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, or until it’s firm.
  • Remove the yellow tint by simply rinsing it.
  • Make a hair mask to give your hair a glossy appearance: Avocado oil contains carotenoid antioxidants beta-carotene and lutein, which help protect the scalp and hair from UV radiation and pollutants. Honey, combined with that, will leave your hair looking incredibly glossy.


1. 1 tablespoon avocado oil

2. 1 teaspoon honey

3. 1 egg white

To apply Directions:

1. Mix the ingredients in a blender or food processor and apply them to your hair and scalp.

2. Allow to rest for 20 minutes.

3. Rinse it well.