Collagen-boosting Fillers

 Collagen-boosting Fillers

Collagen-boosting Fillers have been used in the past to plump our lips and contour our faces artificially, but now, the newest generation may also regenerate your cells. As a result, more collagen is produced, which results in longer-lasting and more natural-looking effects.


According to Dr. Kate Goldie, the future of regenerative aesthetics is here. “Regenerative aesthetics may help people heal quicker, and I believe people will age differently in the long run,” she predicts. Until recently, the choices have been to age naturally, make minor adjustments like Botox or threads, or get a facelift. But we’re at an inflection point in terms of beauty. Now, men and women have another option: to increase their collagen production and maintain the contours of their face and skin’s textural smoothness for longer. Are you interested? Dr Victoria Manning of River Aesthetics spoke with two aesthetic experts—Dr. Kate Goldie, as well as Dr Victoria Manning of River Aesthetics.

What are Cell Regenerating Fillers, and How Are They Used?

Fillers that stimulate cell growth, such as Radiesse and Ellansé, which Dr Goldie and Dr Manning utilize, cause your cells to produce more Type 1 collagen. “When we are young, Type 1 collagen is plentiful in the body. Providing the framework for our naturally abundant hyaluronic acid and elastin and the look of the firm and youthful skin,” explains Dr Manning. She says we’ve lost roughly half of our Type 1 collagen by our fifties.

Fillers that Stimulate Cell Regeneration: How Do They Work?

Radiesse and Ellansé boost Type 1 collagen production. But only recently discovered that Radiesse has the same cell-boosting ability as Ellansé. “Radiesse is a US-made product that has been used for over ten years,” notes Dr Goldie. Traditionally, it has been used to create and replace volume in the face.

Still, physicians have innovated and evolved the technique by looking again at how it works and focusing on these exceptional regenerative capabilities rather than just as a filler.

When Radiesse is diluted and injected into the neck using cannulas. It can quickly smooth crepey neck skin while also promoting collagen formation, resulting in smoother neck skin for longer.

“We now know that Radiesse is so much more than a filler thanks to studies,” says Dr Goldie. “It will create healthy type 1 collagen by up to 30 per cent more when injected into the tissue.” She adds that it promotes elastin production, improves blood flow, and increases cell turnover.” In biopsies, we’ve seen that fibroblasts contract better when calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) is present—what this looks like is the tissue that isn’t simply filled but is also firmer and more firm,” she adds.

Much like Radiesse, Ellansé creates both immediate and progressive effects. “The effect achieved is maintained due to the synthesis of Type 1 collagen in response to the PolyCaproLactone component of the product. Which activates fibroblasts in the treatment regions,” explains Dr Manning. “The length of the PCL molecule chain is what gives Elansé its exceptional longevity characteristics. It can survive anywhere from one to four years. The longer the polymer chain, the longer-lasting the goods will be.”

Hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm or Restylane typically last between six and twelve months. Radiesse lasts 12 to 18 months, whereas Ellansé will stimulate Type 1 collagen synthesis for two years after injection. The difference isn’t just that the filler lasts longer; it also stimulates Type 1 collagen production.

Should I Have Cell Regenerating Fillers?

Non-regenerative fillers, such as Juvederm or Restylane. Are worth considering if you’re thinking about fillers since they allow you to evaluate the outcome without having a long-lasting effect. If you like the results and want them to last longer, Radiesse or Ellansé are good options. It’s worth noting that, in the studies, Ellansé appeared to last longer than Radiesse. If you’re sure you’ll like the effects in the long run, then Ellansé may be a more cost-effective option.

Where Can I Get Cell Regenerating Fillers Injected?

Radiesse and Ellansé may be injected into the usual sites for filler injections. The lips, marionette lines, jowls, chin, and even the palms.

What Is the Price of Bio-Stimulating Fillers?

It all depends on how many regions you’re treating. But you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $2000 for Radiesse and Ellansé, depending on how much is injected. It’s usually best to locate a solid injector and have a consultation before getting any treatments and a cooling-off period.