Cover‌ ‌Dark‌ ‌Circles‌ ‌

 Cover‌ ‌Dark‌ ‌Circles‌ ‌

Cover‌ ‌Dark‌ ‌Circles‌ ‌

Most people deal with dark circles under the eye at one point or another. There is nothing to be ashamed of, as this is a common problem that you can learn how to cover Dark Circles with simple tricks!
If you want to look alert and awake, here are some tips on how to use makeup to hide dark circles under the eyes.

Light shades of eye shadow (e.g., pinks, lavenders) are good for brightening up your eyes if your skin is very pale; choose cold colors like pink, white, & light gray for darker skin tones choose purple-browns & deep purples.

For example, under-eye concealer blended into eyelid primer applied over the eyelid in a series of dots, then blended out with a blending brush. This creates the most natural highlighting effect. If you do not need to highlight the area around your eyes, you can just apply some highlighter cream under your brow bone and blend. 

Dark‌ Circles‌ ‌

For contouring: choose eyelid primers or concealer sticks that are one shade darker than your skin tone. Then use an eye shadow brush to dust some matte powder on top of the primer/concealer. Lightly blend it down onto the skin, but not too much, because this will cause creasing.

Pale skin tones should use pink-based colors that reduce blue tones (e.g., green concealer over redness). Those with very dark complexions should choose orange-based concealers, which have a canceling effect that neutralizes blue/purple tones.

To brighten up under-eye circles, try using an eye base or concealer that is slightly lighter than your skin tone over the entire eyelid. The highest point of the arch of the brow bone also makes a good highlighter for this area because it can help lift and open up the eyes.

If you do not want to use a primer or a colored eye shadow, you can use a cream concealer stick in a shade lighter than your skin color on the under-eye area. Then apply loose powder with a sponge applicator in an even layer all over your face for extra coverage. This will set the under-eye concealer and help it last a long time. 

To hide dark circles,

Start by applying a cream concealer under your eyes in an inverted triangle shape. Then use a color corrector that matches the tone of your skin, and apply it on top of the upside-down triangle with a sponge or brush so that the colors cancel each other out.

After letting both layers set for about thirty seconds, apply foundation or tinted moisturizer over them to even out your skin tone. Finish off with powder to set everything in place. The powder is great for hiding dark circles because it sets everything without adding too much more coverage on top of what you have already applied underneath.

Try using green- or yellow-toned concealers to cover up dark circles. Chances are that your dark circles do not have a blue color to them, but rather they are just a mix of red and brown pigments. A green- or yellow-based concealer will neutralize those colors and make your eyes look bright and refreshed.

If you are pale like me, try using a shimmery highlighting powder as an all-over face powder. It is not as obvious as using a highlighter under the eye area only, but it will give your skin an extra boost of brightness!

Methods to cover dark circles on the face
Concealer under eye & powder

  • Make sure you have a good concealer that matches your skin tone. If the color of your under eye concealer doesn’t match, then it can make your eyes look even more tired! Also, remember to pick a concealer stick that is a lighter shade than your foundation. That way, if you blend it down onto the skin properly, you will not end up with an obvious line of demarcation where the concealer ends and your foundation begins. You may need to try out several different types of concealer before finding one that works well for you because many formulas are designed for specific purposes (e.g., covering pimples or dark circles).
  • If you are new to the world of concealers, then here is an easy way to get started: use you are under eye concealer brush or finger to apply a little bit of cream underneath your eyes in an inverted triangle shape. 
  • Now it is time for the fun part – applying all the colors! The best thing about using color-correcting products is that they can help brighten up your face when they are used correctly! Take your color corrector stick and slowly draw an upside-down triangle on top of your inverted triangle with its point at the apex in the center of your eye. Make sure that both triangles are blended properly so that they create one smooth line without any obvious demarcations around the edges.
  • Next, you will want to make sure that the colors of your color corrector and concealer do not mix too much. To do this, take a clean sponge or brush and press it downwards onto the areas where the two colors meet. This will help colors to mix.