Get the Look (Cat Eye | Smokey Eye | Fake Freckles | Bold Brows)

 Get the Look (Cat Eye | Smokey Eye | Fake Freckles | Bold Brows)


Therefore, you have decided it is time for a new makeup look. Is your go-to glamour routine getting boring? Need some inspiration but don’t know where to turn? Well, I am here to help! This Get the Cat Eye Look series will supply you with all the products and tools needed to achieve these different trendy looks.

You will find each article follows a similar structure, including brands of products recommended, application tips, how long it lasts, and price range. Without further ado… let us get started! First up in our series is an easy take on the ever-popular cat-eye. To create a simple, yet statement-making Cat Eye. 


This look is definitely on the dramatic side for everyday wear, so I would recommend reserving this look for special occasions such as weddings and dates! Keep in mind depending on your eye shape you may need to add/remove certain products from the list below to achieve a flattering look that compliments your eyes without overpowering them or making you appear tired. If that is the case then simply follow these helpful tips:

-If you have small, almond-shaped eyes: go for neutral shadows and avoid using dark colors on the lower lash line.

-For hooded eyelids: use lighter, shimmery shadows to make the eyes appear lifted.


Once applied this look should last all day/night without smudging or flaking. It is also easy to touch up if you need to reapply after eating or drinking (just be sure to wait for your eye makeup to fully dry before any contact with water).


If budget is a concern then try using drugstore alternatives that closely match the recommended brands in both quality and color. You may also substitute certain products for more affordable dupes such as an eyeliner pencil instead of liquid and a dark matte shade instead of cream.


-Be sure to only use the pencil on the outer half of your upper lash line. We do not want any harsh lines here!
-Fill in the remainder of your lash line with your favorite shadow/pencil, ensuring it is blended well. This will create an eye-opening effect and widen the eyes.

-Reapply as needed throughout wear for a more intense look or if you feel like you need more definition at the ends.


-Begin by tracing out a thin winged cat-eye shape starting at the inner corner of your upper eyelid (the closer to your nose, the higher you should bring it). The line should be about a quarter of an inch thick. 

-Next, use your favorite matte shadow and blend from the edge of the winged line to the outer corner of your lower lash line. Start by blending in small circular motions before gradually increasing to cover more space.

-Then apply a darker shade below this color for extra depth and definition, spacing it out so that there is a less dark shadow at the edge where they meet up.

-Once again, re-apply as needed throughout wear for a more intense look or if you feel like you need more definition at the ends. If using a wet formula eye pencil then simply smudge over any rough edges with a cotton swab or makeup brush to create an even softer effect.

-Finally, curl your lashes and apply two coats of mascara on top lashes only. Then use an eyelash curler on the bottom ones for an extra eye-opening effect.


-Use a dark matte shadow to fill in thinner brows creating a more defined shape that follows their natural curve at the ends.
-You can also add some lower above the arch to create an elongated cat eye effect and further widen the eyes.
-Apply a nude lip color and do not forget to hydrate before applying! You will find it will last much longer this way.

The best drugstore alternatives for this look that I have personally tested are L’Oréal’s Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush and Wet N Wild Color Icon Long Lasting Liner Pencil in Black. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the recommended brands then try Essence Kamal Eye Pencil (Amazon) or Maybelline’s Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (Target) instead.

You may find that you do not need to use a liquid liner or use it sparingly to achieve this look, though the cream shadow will most likely give your eyes more definition than a powder alone. If you want to skip using cream shadow then try the following instead:

  • -For small almond-shaped eyes: Apply liquid liner all-around your upper lash line and set with powder for a lighter application.
  • -For hooded eyelids: Use liquid liner along the outer half of the upper lash line only, filling in rest with powder shadow as needed. That way there will not be any harsh lines! -For smaller lower lashes/lids: Skip lining completely and only apply a single coat of thickened mascara on both top and bottom lashes.
  • -For sensitive eyes: Use a pencil instead of a liquid liner to avoid the possibility of stinging, though you may have to try a few different brands before finding one that does not irritate your eyes.