How to Change Your Skin Care Routine for (Summer | winter)

 How to Change Your Skin Care Routine for (Summer | winter)

How to Change Your Skin Care Routine for

(Summer | winter)

An effective skin care routine is crucial for clear, healthy skin year-round. However, between seasons and different climates, your winter skincare routine might not be the best approach during summertime. A few simple changes can make all the difference in keeping your skin free of breakouts and blemishes! Look at the tips below to learn how you can keep your face clean during both seasons with minimal fuss. 

Skin Care Routine

1) Keep It Simple

During the summer, it is important to simplify your beauty routine while still prioritizing an effective cleanse. Remember that overdoing it on heavy products like long-wear makeup and thick moisturizers can damage your skin by clogging pores and causing excessive sweating. Simplify your regimen by reducing the products in it but focusing on hydrating cleansers that are light, oil-free, and quick to absorb!

2) Less Is More

A high SPF is necessary during the summertime because of all of the sun exposure you are likely to get at outdoor activities like festivals or beach days. However, this does not mean you should be using more sunscreen -, when you use too much product or do not reapply it regularly, you might end up with a white cast across your nose and cheeks that looks worse than a little color from being out in the sun. To avoid this issue, choose an SPF moisturizer that doubles as sunscreen and apply it sparingly.

3) Give Sunscreen Its Proper Due

If you have not been using any SPF products, this is the time to start! You may have skipped sunscreen in the past because of how heavy or greasy it feels on your skin, but new formulas are lighter than ever before – some even say they feel like a moisturizer! For an easy application that will not leave a white cast on your face, try layering two drops of sunscreen over your moisturizer rather than applying it separately. This can give you extra protection without weighing down your skin during the day.

4) Don’t Forget Your Hands & Feet

Despite how beautiful summertime can be, there is one thing about this season we will not miss: chapped hands and feet. Whether you’re out on the boat, in a convertible with the top down, or just enjoying time at home by running your dishwasher, your skin is likely to get dry from all of that wind and water exposure. Keep it soft by applying hand cream throughout the day and using a foot scrub once a week – you might even want to try patch testing for an extra-gentle formula before putting new products on your whole body!

5) Know When to Say When

Sometimes less is more when it comes to skincare, especially during summertime. If you feel like your skin is shiny and greasy after cleansing it in the morning, try air drying rather than towel drying – not only will evaporation naturally help keep your skin matte, but it can also help you avoid breakouts caused by excess moisture trapped within your pores.

6) Don’t Fight Gravity

Water retention is an issue many people face during hotter months thanks to fluctuating temperatures and excessive sweating. If you are not a regular exerciser or are just having trouble with swollen ankles or feet no matter what time of year, it is, try drinking hydrating teas like peppermint, ginger, or chamomile throughout the day to cut down on puffiness without any harmful chemicals. 

7) Keep It Cool

Taking care of your skin does not have to be difficult one-way to caring for your complexion simple is to change up your temperature. Try using room-temperature products during the summertime, as this can provide a refreshing feel that will not weigh you down after sweat has already dried on your skin.

8) Don’t Sweat It

When it comes to beating the heat, opt for lightweight sweat-resistant summer beauty products that are water/sweat proof so you can prevent sweating off all of your hard work! Look for formulas with “oil-free”, “non-comedogenic” and “water-resistant”.

9) Keep Your Cooler Clean & Organized

Unfortunately, often when getting hot we tend to sweat more and this can lead to breakouts. Incorporating a weekly deep cleanse of your cooler with alcohol-based products can help you maintain clearer skin throughout the summer!

10) Consider a Low-Maintenance Hair Texture

During the summer, there is nothing worse than trying to style sweaty hair or worrying about your hair drying out – so to avoid these issues, opt for a low-maintenance hair texture like curly hair or braids. This will allow you to sleep easily without having to worry about touching up your style before work in the morning, and it prevents damage caused by heat styling tools over time.

The weather changes, and so should your skincare. Your skin needs different things during different seasons because of the weather. Here are some tips on how to change your skincare routine according to your season!