How to Save Money on Make-up

 How to Save Money on Make-up

Do you love makeup, but hate the high price of it? Luckily, a few tricks can help you save money on make-up when purchasing various beauty items. By following this article’s simple suggestions, navigating the world of high-end makeup will be much easier and more affordable. 

Simple ways to save money on make-up

Buy Makeup in Bulk

– While buying new tubes or bottles of your usual cosmetics may seem like the logical choice, if you are serious about saving money then bulk, shopping is the better choice. A new tube might cost $30 while an extra-large bottle with double the product could set you back $60. However, the large bottle works out to be $1.66 per ounce while the smaller one is $7.50 per ounce (Urban Outfitters). If you find yourself using more makeup than usual during a certain period (like getting ready for prom or going on vacation) then consider buying some in bulk and storing them until you need them again.

Skip Makeup Primers

– While popular products like Benefit’s Professional can cost up to $31, there are plenty of drugstore alternatives that work just as well without breaking the bank [or… How to Save Money When You Do not need it!]. A good alternative for those with problematic skin is Neutrogena’s Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Pore Cleansing Oil, a primer that contains salicylic acid to treat blemishes while also smoothing the skin (Neutrogena). Salicylic acid is also available in many drugstore moisturizers.

Wear Loose Powder

– Even an expensive loose powder like Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder costs $30 for only 2 ounces of product. While it beats the price per ounce for other powders like Clinique’s Blended Face Powder, which costs $25 for 1 ounce (Nordstrom), the latter works just as well if you ask me! For those who prefer pressed powder, Revlon Color stays Compact foundation/powder uses tiny “microspheres” that spread easily while also providing a smooth, matte finish. A compact costs only $9 and a refill costs a mere $14 (Revlon). 

Shop at Drugstores

– When it comes to buying makeup, sometimes the best deals are found in your very own neighborhood drugstore! For example, select Maybelline products cost $2.99 each while L’Oreal products sell for $3.79 (Target). You can even find great mascara for under $10 like Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume, which separates lashes so well you will get the false lash look without breaking the bank (Cover Girl)! Even high-end cosmetics companies have budget lines including Bare Minerals’ Ready line of foundation, which offers full coverage at a fraction of the price (Bare Minerals).

Swap Makeup with Friends

– Buying and selling makeup on sites like Craigslist or eBay is not just for clothes anymore. Makeup Buddy allows users to upload photos of their makeup, set an asking price, and wait for interested parties to contact them! This can be extremely beneficial if you find yourself with extra eye shadows or lipsticks that are not your shade but would look gorgeous on someone else (Makeup Buddy).

Make Your Cosmetics

– For those who love DIY projects, making cosmetics is a great way to save money while also creating products that are 100% safe. Sites like Pinterest and YouTube offer hundreds of tutorials ranging from homemade mascara to eyeliner that will not smudge off. For example, here is a tutorial on how to create an all-natural foundation with minimal ingredients (Pinterest).

Look for Sales

– Luckily, there are plenty of sales where you can find affordable makeup! Brands like L’Oreal and Maybelline both offer frequent sales on their site while Ultra sometimes offers promotional emails or coupons. If you are the type of person who does not mind shopping at more than one store and waiting for weekly deals, Skincare often has hundreds of discounted items each week including high-end brands like Clinique and Derma logically (Skincare). 

Buy the appropriate products for your skin tone. A little bit of bronzer or darker foundation can make up look as if you were naturally tan. No one needs actual tanning products. They are expensive and they are bad for your health.

Buy makeup that is exactly your skin tone. This will match your complexion, as well as hide blemishes. If you have a darker complexion, do not buy extremely light-colored products, or it will look as if the makeup was just placed on there to try to brighten up your face.

The best kind of brushes to use are ones made from real hair instead of synthetic materials because they do not shed and work better with certain types of makeup. However, this being said, an expensive set does not necessarily mean a good one! Just find a mid-priced set at a moderately sized store and go from there!