Makeup Products Not Worth The Money

 Makeup Products Not  Worth The Money

You have probably been spending all your disposable income on makeup products lately right. No matter how good of a deal you get from buying in bulk, some products are not worth your time or money. To be economically efficient make sure to avoid these five terrible products below

Makeup Products

5 Terrible Products That Aren’t Worth Your Money

  • Foundation with low coverage
  • Mascara with little-to-no curl effect
  • Lipstick with poor staying power
  • Eye shadows with weak pigmentation
  • Eyeliner pencils with mostly wax

Let us get started, shall we? Foundation with low coverage is one of the most common makeup products people like to purchase. However, this type of foundation probably will not look good on your skin and will be tough to blend. If you want a better way to cover your flaws, try using concealer.

It tends to give better results because it has higher pigmentation than foundation does.

The five terrible products that aren’t worth your money is the foundation with low coverage, mascara with little-to-no curl effect, lipstick with poor staying power, eye shadows with weak pigmentation, and eyeliner pencils with mostly wax.

Try using concealer if you want to cover your flaws because it tends to give better results. There you have it, folks! Those five terrible makeup products are not worth the money.

“You’ve probably been spending all your disposable income on makeup and skincare products lately right?” – The author means the person does not need to spend a lot of money on cosmetics since they are not worth much anyway.

“To be economic efficient make sure to avoid these 5 terrible products below!” – The author gives a warning of avoiding the five products since they are not worth buying.

Foundation with low coverage”

– Details about the foundation let the reader know why it is not worth buying. “Coverage” is used in place of “pigmentation”.

“Mascara with little-to-no curl effect”

– Details about mascara let the reader know, again, why it is not worth buying. This time curling lash was substituted in place of pigmentation. Longer lashes were also added in for good measure.
“Clear mascaras (you already have way too many brushes!) and powder eye shadows (they will make your eyes look cakey)”

  • “Liquid eyeliner that has little product in the bottle”
  • “A foundation that doesn’t cover your skin completely”
  • “Eyeshadow palettes with colors you don’t like/can’t use”
  • “An under-eye concealer that isn’t very pigmented”

– These five makeup products are given as examples of things to avoid. The author tells readers to avoid them by substituting different words than what is used in the original list. For example, they write about “liquid eyeliners with little product”.

But there is nothing about liquid eyeliner in the original list, so this must be an addition to their article. Also, instead of using.
Makeup, especially name-brand makeup, can be very expensive. As it is with any product, some products are not worth the money because they are not as good as other brands you could purchase for less or equal price.

Here are five products that are not worth the price:

Proactive Solution

– Not only is the actual product very expensive and does nothing to help your skin but it has been proven to cause even more problems than before.

Dior Addict Lip Glow

– This lip-gloss costs $30 and does not come with a brush applicator. It is not worth spending all that money on just lip-gloss when you can find ones that do the same thing as only cost $5-$10.

CO Bigelow Chemist Botanical Body Oil

– This product costs $45 and is 100% organic, but still does not do the job of what a body oil should be doing: moisturizing your skin. You can find a jar of coconut oil for less than this and that will do the same thing.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm

– It claims to even out skin tone, blur imperfections, and hydrate skin for an airbrushed finish, but it also claims to provide SPF 20 protection with no flashback, which is far from true. Many BB creams on the market provide similar benefits for half the price.

Smash box Photo Finish Foundation Primer

– Even though it can be hard to find, this primer costs $36 and creates a smooth canvas for makeup application but is not worth the price. You can easily purchase a drug store brand that will create just as smooth of a surface and feel just as nice on your skin for less than half the price.

“Makeup, especially name-brand makeup, can be very expensive.”

Makeup is very expensive these days! In this article, there are specific reasons as to why certain makeups are not worth the cost. The purpose is to inform others by giving details into which ones do not work as well as they should.