Expensive Makeup Brands

 Expensive Makeup Brands

It is no secret that the expensive makeup brands industry is booming. The global industry for cosmetics, toiletries, and perfumes was worth an estimated 450 billion dollars in 2013 (Frost & Sullivan). As well as spending billions of dollars on clothes, cars, homes, and much more – many people find themselves indulging in the luxury of high-end makeup too.

Whether it be a makeup brand new foundation or having your nails professionally done at a salon. There are plenty of ways to spend money on making yourself look better than you already do! However, which brands are considered the most expensive?

Here is our list of the most expensive makeup brands.

La Prairie

La Prairie has long been known to produce luxurious products, which its customers love. Although it started as a humble pharmacy, La Prairie soon developed its anti-aging skincare line. It began with creams and serums and eventually grew to produce Mineral Body Lotion, Lipsticks, and more.

Ensuring that customers would be both satisfied and addicted to the luxury products (which are not cheap). Since then, the company has continued to produce expensive makeup, which is loved all over the world.

Rose of Graces

Rose of Graces was founded in 1881 by Henriette Yvonne Desvarennes at number 136 on Rue de Rivoli (Paris) under the name “Magazine de Dames”. The first store opened with only 3 employees and 30 francs worth of capital but within a few years. Rose of Grace started producing its range of quality products.

These products were made from the finest ingredients and for a short while, there was even an in-house perfumery! The company closed during WWII after being looted by German troops but re-opened soon after. 

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is well known for his immaculate sense of style. Which he began to cultivate when he worked under several other designers at Gucci (including Yves Saint Laurent). His makeup brand, Tom Ford Beauty, became available in 2009.

Starting with foundation and powders before expanding to produce lipsticks and eyeshadows too. His attention to detail means that everything produced by Tom Ford is not only aesthetically pleasing and of high quality, but unique and easily recognizable.


Chanel has always been a luxury makeup brand, with its signature perfume (number 5) selling by the million to date. Although their range of perfumes is extensive (and expensive) – their makeup line deserves recognition too!

The cream foundations and powder compacts are made to last and look good doing so too; as do their lipsticks and mascaras, which boast both instant and long-term benefits for the customer. However, it is not just about looks:

Chanel makes sure that each product is gentle on your skin and does not cause any irritation or inflammation! Spending over 100 million dollars for a makeup range that spans just 10 items sounds expensive. But it is not as bad as you might think if the resulting products are of high quality. 

La Mer

Lamer was founded by Dr. Max Huber in the 1950’s – although he had worked on creating the first cream before this. His work with creams and lotions eventually led to the creation of the now-famous Crème de la Mer which was (and still is) made from ingredients sourced both locally and from space!

The expensive makeup brand has continued to develop into one that produces luxuriously good quality products. Suitable for all skin types but aimed at creating radiant, smooth skin around your face.

By Terry

Terry de Gunzburg founded her makeup brand. By Terry in 2010 after working within Yves Saint Laurent for over 40 years. The makeup line aims to produce luxurious products that will provide you with a multi-tasking experience; using only the rarest ingredients to ensure quality at every turn.

It is an expensive makeup brand but one that is up there with some of the most popular luxury makeup brands in existence today!


Carol Cole – who decided to develop her range of cosmetics after being disappointed with many other makeup brands on sale at that time, founded Artistry in 1991. The company uses organic minerals as well as vitamins A & E to produce luxurious almost therapeutic foundations.

For people of all skin types and coloring – so do not worry if you have dry, oily, or even acne-prone skin!

Yves Saint Laurent

The mid-priced luxury makeup range from Yves Saint Laurent has been legendary since its launch in 1966. The range was designed by the famous fashion designer himself and quickly gained notoriety for its sleek packaging along with its creamy formulations of foundation, mascaras, lipsticks, etc…

Although now owned by the L’Oreal group; YSL makeup remains true to the luxurious reputation that was created for them over 40 years ago!