Nighttime beauty routine

 Nighttime beauty routine

The hair care Nighttime beauty routine in the winter is different from in any other season. Throughout this time, your hair will probably go through some major changes. They will get drier and frizzier (due to cold air), maybe even more prone to breakage so you need to pay more attention to them.

Nighttime beauty

If you have dry hair, you can try an oil-based hair mask for deep moisturizing at least 2 times a week before going to bed. You can apply it on damp or dry hair, but not on greasy one. If your scalp is sensitive, you had better test this mask on a small area of your head firstly.

It is also important that you do not use hot water while washing your hair. And use mild shampoo and conditioner.

General tips:

  • If you have oily hair, it’s better to wash them twice a week maximum, while in other seasons it is enough just once a week.
  • When choosing hair products, it is better to use less oil-based than water-based ones.
  • Do not forget about proper nutrition – eat more vegetables and fruits; do not forget about fish and meat! Also, drink often but not too much (alcohol included)!
  • Get used to doing hairstyles without heat. They do not damage the hair as much as curling irons or straighteners do.
  • Protect your tresses with a scarf during cold seasons – it will keep them warm and they will not get so dry.
  • Keep the ends of hair hydrated with leave-in conditioners or oils. You can use cream or oil, but do not apply creams and oils on roots (apply only on the end). 
  • If you want to change your hairstyle, it is better to trim your split ends firstly, then slightly straighten your locks with a flat iron (the temperature should be very low) and make a new search for the best haircuts. With such steps, you will manage to prolong the time between salon visits and save money as well!
  • Do not expose your hair to too much sun – it is one of the reasons why people lose their hair at an older age.
  • Avoid putting your hair near radiators or any other hot surfaces – it can cause split ends and make you lose more strength to fight the damage caused by cold air, wind, heating, etc.
  • If you are not sure what to do with your hair, at least try not to wash it daily – this will help them get used to drying season time quickly. Also, put them into a braid or ponytail when you are at home. Remember that heat straightener is also dangerous for hair; so instead of using it frequently, you should wait until the next day when they will be almost completely dry! This simple step can save you a lot of trouble!

In addition, there are just the basics of how to take care of your skin. It is also important not to sleep with your makeup on, which makes you more prone to clogged pores, acne flares, and breakouts that are harder to treat.

Some tips for avoiding breakouts:

– After doing face washing at nighttime, massage your face with ice cubes for about five minutes. This will help tighten facial muscles and increase blood circulation. Which could prevent future outbreaks by keeping oil glands unclogged and toxins from forming pimples or blackheads. In addition, it feels great!

– Do not sleep with makeup on.
– Quit smoking and drink less alcohol. 
– “Exercise” your face.

It sounds strange, but it works: gently stretch and pull at your skin while washing up at nighttime so you work on any creases you’ve had from sleeping all night long (like the lines between your nose and mouth). 

– Try to stay as stress-free as possible before bedtime since that can trigger an acne flare-up for some people. Relax with some meditation or reading a book instead of watching TV or playing video games right before bed.

If you do wind down with some entertainment make sure it’s not something super stimulating like an action movie – opt for something calming instead like a nature show or even a nice cup of chamomile tea.

So now that we have gone over the basics of skincare, do not forget to apply your makeup as usual. Now would be a good time to take out those fake lashes.

And try some new ones you saw on super sale at Sephora or even go au natural and swipe on a coat of mascara for dramatic definition … just leave your nighttime beauty routine cleansing until tomorrow night!

– Some tips:

– If you are used to powdering your face before bed this might feel strange since it seems counterintuitive to put extra stuff on your skin but trust me – it is important and it works. Make sure you choose an oil-free formula that will soak into your skin overnight vs. sitting on top where it can cause breakouts.

– Lastly, drink a lot of water! This will flush out your system from all those detoxifying juices you have been drinking through the day so it is important to stay hydrated. If you do not like the taste of water try squeezing half a lemon into a big glass and top with ice – it has never tasted so good!