The Perfect Makeup for (Work | School | Prom)

 The Perfect Makeup for (Work | School | Prom)

Hey guys! I am sure we have all been there for the perfect makeup: you are rushing to work and realize that your mascara is clumped together. Alternatively, maybe you had such a long night of studying for an exam.

Having fun with friends that your eyes are practically closed and every color of the rainbow. Maybe its prom night, and you need something that is going to last all night long. 

perfect makeup

King of Kings Cosmetics has found the perfect solution for those tough times! With their brand new, revolutionary product: The King of Kings Perfect Makeup! The King of Kings Makeup comes in a small and sleek case and is conveniently powered by a USB cord.

However, it is so much more than just makeup: The King of Kings Makeup also comes with accessories such as brushes and sponges that will fit into the compact case. In addition, alongside your purchase, you will receive an instructional manual on how to apply this amazing makeup.

Which means no more clumps or smudges! Just say goodbye to your traditional makeup kit and cover up those eyes with our new favorite cover-up: THE KING OF KINGS MAKEUP.

Perfect Makeup for work look

Step 1:

Place your King of Kings Makeup on a smooth and clean surface. Plugin the USB cord and wait 3-5 minutes for the makeup to heat up and turn on. Then, easily press the red button and watch as millions of micro-robotic bristles sweep across your skin – leaving it smooth, sleek, and flawless!

Step 2:

If you would like to use additional accessories such as brushes or sponges, simply slide them into the King of Kings Makeup’s case or snap them onto one of its sides or corners. You can also accessorize with your favorite lipstick to create an amazing look that will last all day long! 

Makeup for school and prom look 

Step 1:

Make sure your face is completely clean before using this product.

Step 2:

Plug the USB cord into a power source and wait 3-5 minutes for the makeup to heat up.

Step 3:

Press the red button on top of the King of Kings Makeup’s case, which will activate its robotic arms. These arms work together to sweep away any excess dirt or oil from your skin, leaving it looking smooth and ready for makeup.

Step 4:

Now that you have a clean surface, apply your favorite foundation or primer! The King of Kings Makeup comes with several different foundations that are sure to fit all types of skin tones, including our new “Lamination” foundation – which evens out all skin tones and illuminates your skin like never before!

Step 5:

To apply your favorite powder, simply press the green button on top of the King of Kings Makeup’s case. The robotic arms will sweep away any excess oil or dust particles from your face – leaving you with a matte finish that will not budge all day.

Step 6:

Use our tinted moisturizer to make your skin glow for up to 16 hours after you have applied it! Simply find the small circular hole at the bottom back of the King of Kings Makeup’s case and slide out its small tube of moisturizer. Once you have done this, remove the clear cap covering from the moisturizer tube and squirt out a dime-sized amount into your hand. Then, apply the moisturizer with our included brush or sponge, and watch as it works to make your skin glow all day long!

Step 7:

To give your look definition, use our “Blur” foundation on areas of skin where you do not need much coverage – such as the sides of your cheekbones. This will help them stand out even more!

Step 8:

Apply lip color to complete your look! Our makeup kit comes with a wide range of lip colors in different shades that complement our lightest light to darkest dark foundations. Simply snap in one of these tubes into its designated spot at the bottom-back of the King of Kings Makeup’s case.

To apply, place the applicator on the lips and press the red button on top of the robotic makeup case. The robotic arms will continue to sweep across your face until its pigment is safely applied to your lips!

Step 9:

If you would like, apply additional accessories such as blush or highlighter – which are both included with our King of Kings Makeup. You can also take our tinted moisturizer or foundation tubes out of their spots at the back-bottom of the case and use them as lip colors!

Simply place these tubes onto color swatches inside of this location to change up your look. We hope that you love this product as much as we do!