The Perfect Romantic Date-Night Look

Umair Ali
Written By Umair Ali

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Steps to make the perfect date night look

  • Start your outfit with a crisp white button-up shirt + blue jeans + black cowboy boots.
  • Style your hair as if you were James Dean (but do not cut off one of your fingers).
  • Get a girl who looks like Mary-Kate Olsen to show up and stand next to you at all times, so there is the illusion that you have a girlfriend.
  • Act aloof.
  • Smoke cigarettes, even though you do not smoke.
  • Get a girl who looks like Taylor Swift to show up and stand next to your date at all times, so there’s the illusion that she has a boyfriend (don’t stare at each other).
  • Act as if you do not notice her standing right next to you (even though this is impossible as she dresses like a beacon of light).
  • Order for both of your dates at the bar, and do not tip.
  • Welcome onlookers’ confused stares about how two beautiful women could be on a date with YOU while also wishing they were the ones out on a romantic date
  •  Add unique details to make your outfit unique, like suspenders or bow ties
  •  Finish with chic shoes that are comfortable yet stylish for extended wear throughout the night
  • Make sure all of these pieces are well-fitted since you’ll probably be sitting for most of the night while you’re out on the town
  • Enhance your look by adding smart accessories like pocket squares and watches to complete this outfit
  • Be prepared to have no less than three full courses at dinner plus drinks so you should have an appetite when it comes time to head out on the town! If not already obvious, this article is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as fact because it is all made up.
Date Night

Your significant other deserves the absolute best.

 You both work hard and you want to make sure they know how much you love them.

Exposition: But where do you start? Well, let us take a deep breath and look at the perfect romantic date-night look that is sure to sweep your partner off their feet.

The first step of this all-encompassing look is an understated exterior. When starting with your outerwear, opt for a classic pea coat and complement it with slim black dress pants or jeans for a more casual vibe. 

On top of that, try out one of those new-fangled bomber jackets, throwing yet another twist on your casual look – but if you are not sure what that is, do not worry – we will get to that in a second.

Now that you have the outerwear out of the way, let us take a closer look at your mid-layer. Ditch all those old T-shirts and try something a little more interesting. A classic cardigan with an added button-down shirt underneath will add a touch of formality while still letting you show off how fun. And laidback you can be in contrast to when you’re sporting your coat or bomber jacket.

Once your top half is sorted, it is time to turn our thoughts towards accessories. Attempting to master the perfect romantic date-night look is not just about looking good. But also feeling comfortable enough to keep the date going smoothly.

Finally, what would a date-night outfit be without the perfect watch to top it all off? We recommend something by Nixon – their quality and sleek design will ensure your outfit is complete.

Now that you have got some pointers on how to nail the perfect romantic date-night look. Go out there and sweep your special someone off their feet!

Let us face it: we all know and love the le romantic date-night look. It is a classic for a reason: it is timeless, it shows off your assets. And allows you to carry yourself with poise and confidence!  

Keeping that in mind. I am sure you will agree that the only way to rock this look is with a casual but elegant touch. So, without further ado, let us begin!

The first step of achieving the perfect romantic date night look is to pair a dressy top with dark jeans. A skater dress or bodycam skirt will do just fine as well – you want to show off those legs after all!  A short black jacket/leather jacket is a great finishing option.

Once you have decided on your outfit. Apply a skinny cat-eye and a pop of red lipstick for that classic femme fatale look. If you are feeling adventurous, try out some Smokey eyes through false lashes.

(I know it sounds intense but trust me – it will be worth it!)


**Remember that accessories are key!

Your outfit will be incomplete without the perfect set of pumps (preferably with bows), a simple clutch. And some dainty jewelry.


Once you have applied your makeup as desired. Do not forget to spray on a mist of your favorite perfume before heading out on your date! Now all that is left is for you to have a wonderful time – do not forget to take pictures. So I can see how gorgeous you look afterward!