Tiktok Fashion Trends Will Be All Over the Place

 Tiktok Fashion Trends Will Be All Over the Place

Fortunately, we have a place on the internet where tiktok fashion trendsetters and enthusiasts alike can look into their crystal balls to predict the latest fashion designs you’ll soon see. We scoured TikTok for you to bring you eight of this year’s most popular trends, and some are quite surprising. Read on to see the 2022 TikTok fashion trends we’re all going to embrace in no time.

Tiktok Fashion

Oversized Clothing

One of the biggest trends on TikTok this year is oversized clothing. This look can be achieved by wearing baggy clothes or layering multiple pieces of clothing over each other. The key is to make sure everything is comfortable and flowing, so you can move and dance around with ease.

Matching Sets

Matching sets are also becoming increasingly popular on TikTok. Whether it’s a matching top and bottom set or a set of coordinates, this look is perfect for anyone who wants to keep things simple but stylish. Coordinating colors and patterns can be a great way to show your personality and style.

Opera Gloves

We’ve been obsessed with period dramas and princesses for years now, thanks to the Bridgeton legacy. Opera gloves have been frequently seen in fashion forecast vids, such as Macie’s video. Given our move towards opulent old glamour and over-the-top costumes.

Bright Colors

Bright colors are always a big trend in fashion, and they’re especially popular on TikTok right now. If you want to make a statement with your clothing, go for bright colors like neon pink, green, or blue. You can also pair different bright colors together to create a fun and unique look.

Retro Styles

Retro styles are making a comeback in a big way on TikTok. From ’70s-inspired disco looks to ’90s grunge, there are plenty of ways to tap into this trend. If you want to try out a retro style, start with one or two key pieces and build your outfit.

Bold Prints

Bold prints are another big trend on TikTok right now. From leopard print to tie-dye, there are endless possibilities for bold prints. If you’re unsure how to wear a bold print, start with small pieces like a scarf or headband. You can also try wearing a bold print on just one part of clothing, like a jacket or dress.


Catsuits are having a moment, from Taylor Swift’s gorgeous floral costume stunning her Instagram followers to Lizzo’s amazing lace catsuit inspiring them. The catsuit has been used in several popular TikTok fashion predictions videos, including Hannah Grace Miller’s (styled by Hannah grace miller) and Drew Joiner’s (drewjoiner) videos. The catsuit’s popularity is partly due to its adaptability, as it may be worn with anything from a basic blazer to slip a dress.

Monochrome Looks

Monochrome looks are clean and chic, and they’re perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement with their clothing. To pull off a monochromatic look, stick to one color family and mix and match different shades. You can also add in some neutral colors like black, white, or gray to break up the monotony.

Sporty Styles

Sporty styles are comfortable and trendy, and they’re perfect for anyone who wants to feel stylish while staying comfortable. This trend can be achieved by wearing athleisure clothing or activewear outside of the gym. You can also pair sporty pieces with dressier items to create a more well-rounded look.

    Streetwear is another big trend on TikTok right now. This style is all about comfort and functionality, and it often includes oversized hoodies, joggers, and sneakers. Start with one or two key pieces and build your outfit around that if you want to try out this trend. You can also mix and match different streetwear brands to create your unique look.


    According to many TikTokers, feathers are making a big splash in fashion this year. Feather trim has been used in several TikTok videos, including popular fashion TikToker Olivia Yang ( @olafflee ), who incorporated feathers in her premonition video. Adding a feather trim to any ensemble, as we see a shift from minimalism to minimalism, adds drama.

    Midriff Revival 

    Welcome to 2022, when our faces are frequently hidden, and our midsection is bared. According to Arianna Billorsi’s video and @sandydigitaldiary’s video, the Y2K trend of the past two years has continued. We’re also seeing a lot of cutout ensembles that accentuate the middle section are still going strong.


    Aside from the fact that it’s still somewhat of a new trend, layering will be in high demand around 2022. Traditional layering won’t be as prominent in 2022, but you’ll see plenty of skirts over flared pants, corset tops over button-down shirts, and sleeves for sale separately, as seen in both @lifeas. The uptrend in the second quarter of 2019 was amplified by the maximum and avant-garde movements, both of which are rapidly becoming popular as fashion more about personal expression.

    Updated Knitwear 

    The knitting trend is still popular, but it will continue to change in the new year. We’re likely to see knitwear in various forms during the next few months: Bright patterns, unique Y2K sayings, distressed knitwear vests, and so on. Kendall Becker, fashion trend forecaster and editor of Kendall Becker’s Wearable 2022 Trends (@kendall.becker), discusses knitwear in her wearable 2022 trends video, emphasizing the cutout style.

    Puffer Outfits

    We’re in the midst of winter, and depending on where you live, winter jackets may be your primary fashion accessory for the next few months, making the puffer coat an easy pick this season. However, the puffer style isn’t restricted to outerwear. According to Pierrahh’s video, puffer bags will be a very popular bag item this year. Boots, vests, and even scarves will continue to be fashionable throughout the winter.